The Maple Grove Arts Center is a 501c3 nonprofit arts center. Our mission is: To provide fine art, musical and theatrical exploration and appreciation opportunities. The arts center’s vision: To become highly visible, vibrant, financially stable organization, offering quality art, education and art appreciation with extensive community participation, outreach and patron involvement.

The Maple Grove Arts Center (MGAC) includes a fine arts gallery, fine arts boutique and areas for art classes.  The center features 9-12 art shows per year.  MGAC outreach includes the Arbor Lakes Art Fair (July) and the amateur artists activity for the Arbor Lakes Chalk Fest.  Art classes include emerging, novice and established artists.

The arts center hosts visiting arts show, such as past shows: Mosaic Society, Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project and TOSCA Literary Magazine.  

MGAC features a variety of artists and creative activities, such as children's theater, music, writers, comedy and radio broadcasting. 

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