Classes and Workshops for Children and Adults

In the Company of Kids (Theater Classes) All abilities Welcome

Join the fun! Act, Sing, Dance, Music Appreciation, Puppetry, Improvisation and more! Classes are great for building self esteem, confidence and social skills. Consumer Support Grants accepted.

Instructor: Bonnie Kaye, Matt Alto, Karl Gronwell

Tuition: 14 week session - $280 (adaptive Theater Class) *2 instructors

Theater Class – (typical) Ages 7-12 $225.00 (14 weeks) 1 instructor

Theatre Classes - Winter class schedule TBA

 4:15-5pm Theatre Class for students 7-12 yrs of age (no experience necessary)     Acting, Singing, Dance, Improvisation, Comedy and more.  Fun class for beginner actors building self esteem and confidence while learning skills in the performing arts. Performance on the last class.

 5:15-6pm Adaptive Theatre Class for students 7-12 (programs for children with special needs)6:15-7pm Adaptive Theatre Class for Teens     Our adaptive theatre programs include acting, improvisation, movement/dance and music appreciation.  Adaptations are made by teachers so children can participate to their fullest ability and have fun!  Great for building social skills and confidence! 

For more information contact: Bonnie at 952-736-3644 or 952-220-1676 Email: For more information about the Company of Kids visit the website:

Oil Painting Techniques( Old Masters Style) Adult

Instructor: Lisa Garty


 #315 Tuesdays January 20th - February 24th( 6 weeks)


Ages: 16- Adult
 Class Cost: $130 /approx. Materials cost $65

This class is for beginning and intermediate students who already have the basic foundation of drawing. You will learn to paint a simple still life using the old masters technique. The first class will focus on the materials used, composition, value relationships, and Step 1 of completing an old masters style painting. The remainder of classes will focus on each step within the process until completed. Demonstrations and critiques are given at each session.  Class instructions will be supplied by email and can be printed off for handy reference throughout the course.

Canvas will be supplied; student will supply their own brushes, oil paints and pallet. A supply list will be emailedto students prior to the first class.

Learn to Paint!( Youth)

Instructor: Johanna Smith

Dates:      Winter Session #1015- Thursdays March 5th- April 9th

               Spring Session #1315- Thursdays April 30th- May 31st

Time: 5:00p.m-6p.m.

Ages 8-Teen

Cost:$125/ 5 week class Materials Included

       $150/6 week class materials included

 In this class we will work on learning about mixing colors, painting techniques and having fun! This is a relaxed class that welcomes anyone who wants to become a better painter.  We will be doing easy paintings that will be great for you to practice techniques in mixing color and brush control. No experience necessary, just come ready to learn and have fun!

Animal Adventures #615( Youth)

Instructor: Mary Leah Marshall

Dates: Saturdays, February 7-28( 4 weeks)

Time: 12pm-2pm


In this mixed media class we will create a variety of animals while learning about painting, drawing mixed media and more! Come join the safari and get ready to have a blast!

Creating the One Page Comic #1615(Youth)

Do you like comics or graphic novels? This course explores the process behind the creation of a popular tend in the comic book world; the one page comic. We will develop basic story concepts, design effective page layouts and create single comic pages using pencils and a variety of pen and brush tools.

Dates: Tuesdays April 28th-May 19th( 4 weeks)

Time: 4pm-5pm

Instructor: Scott Spinks


Ages: 7-16

Learn the Art of Cursive writing #1415 Youth

Instructor: Sue Larson

Dates: Tuesdays March 3rd- April 7th(6 weeks)

Time: 4pm-5pm


Ages: 8-12


In this class, students will learn to write legibly by using a multisensory approach; auditory, visual and kinesthetic. The cursive letters will be learned in groups that share common movement patterns. The instructor, a teacher who is trained in techniques used commonly with typical children and children with special needs, will be able to educationally assess each student’s motor behavior, pencil grip and memory for configuration; obstacles that may get in the way of legible handwriting. Further outcomes will encourage the development of students’ eye-hand coordination, memory, sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Acrylic Painting #915 (Adult)

Dates: Wednesdays, March 4th-April 8th

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

 Teacher:  Gene Kadlack

Ages: Adults

Cost: $120

Description:  Bring your own supplies: paint, brushes, and something to paint on. Also bring a picture of something you want to paint. You will learn design elements/techniques such as color, contrast, composition, texture, layout, etc. Join us for a great time.

Nursery Calligraphy (Adult) #2115

Dates:  Friday, April 10th-May 8th( 5 weeks)

Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: $95

Teacher: Gene Kadlack

Ages: 16+

Description: Bring your own calligraphic pens, markers, brushes, ink, paint, etc. This is a class for those who have always wanted to paint, draw, or put something on a wall that has meaning. Calligraphy is a beautiful way to express yourself with typography, or letter styles. You will learn several medieval type styles as well as some contemporary styles that will enrich your life and the lives of others.

Portrait Drawing #1115 (Adult)

Dates: Mondays, April 20th-May 18th( 5 weeks)

Time: 12:30pm-2:30pm

Teacher: Gene Kadlack

Cost: $95

Description: Bring your own supplies and a picture of the person/s you want to draw. You will learn about shadows, shape, perception, texture, and other techniques to enhance your drawing/s. Enjoy the commaderie of others and laugh a lot.

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