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Comedy for All Ages (Teen & Adult)

The Maple Grove Arts Center proud to announce the award of a $10,000 learning grant from Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

The Maple Grove Arts Center continues to expand its focus on the development of youth and older audiences, Scott Hansen will offer his class, The Extremely Serious Comedy Workshop, for young people, 14-18 years of age, and another class for ages 60 and older, who are interested in developing their comic voice and expressive writing skills. Modeled after the successful adult classes, the four-week sessions will meet on Tuesdays at the Arts Center, and then they will have the opportunity to perform Stand-up Comedy on a stage.

September:  Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Arts Center, and then they will have the opportunity to perform Stand-up Comedy on a stage. The class is September 8, 15, 22, 29 and a stage performance on September 27 at the Maple Tavern, with additional one-one classes in October. Cost is $70 and includes education materials. We will make financial accommodations.

In the Company of Kids (Theater Classes) All Abilities Welcome

You are invited to join our Theater Programs at the Maple Grove Arts Center!  All abilities are welcome to participate in our Musical Theater programs brought to you by In the Company of Kids Performing Arts Center.  Students will explore Acting, Singing, Dance, Improvisation, Puppetry and the creation of skits/plays to be performed for parents.  A 12 week session will begin on September 28th and will finish in performance December 14th.   Classes are held on Mondays.  Theater is wonderful for building confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and nurturing imagination!   Call 952-220-1676 or visit  www.cokartscenter for more information.

5:15-6 pm Adaptive Theater Class (special needs) 8-12 yrs

6:15-7:15 pm Musical Theater Class 10-15 yrs

Let's Color-Adult Coloring Book Night (21+)

Instructor: Lisa Vitkus/Art Innovators

Date: September 11th

Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: $35

Its time to take a break and have some FUN! Join us for an evening of coloring, socializing, and refreshments. Each guest will receive a coloring book and access to artist grade supplies to start adding color to wonderfully intricate designs. We will also have pizza from Pieology and wine for guests to enjoy. 

Watercolor Workshop (Adult)

Instructor: MaryLeah Marshall

Dates: September 17th-October 22nd (skip October 8th)

Time: 12:30pm-2:30pm

Cost: $125 Non-Member/ $112 Member

Discover the joy of working with watercolors in a relaxed and creative setting. Learn about techniques, color mixing and washes, as well as the elements and principles of art. Use still life and photo images as inspiration. Perfect for the beginner artist as well as the advanced watercolor artist.

Drawing Explorations (Adult)

Instructor: MaryLeah Marshall

Dates: September 16th-October 21st (skip October 14th)

Time: 12:30pm-2:30pm

Cost: $125 Non-Member/$112 Member

Explore the joy of drawing in a creative and relaxed atmosphere. Develop drawing skills focusing on line, shape, value, texture and space, using still life and photo images as inspiration. All levels welcome!

Old Masters Technique Oil Painting (Adult)

Instructor: Lisa Garty

Dates:October 6th-27th

Time: 6pm-9pm

Cost: $135 Non-Member/ $121 plus materials cost $65

This class is for beginning and intermediate students who already have the basic foundation of drawing. You will learn to paint a simple still life using the old masters technique. The first class will focus on the materials used, composition, value relationships, and Step 1 of completing an old masters style painting. The remainder of classes will focus on each step within the process until completed. Demonstrations and critiques are given at each session. Class instructions will be supplied by email and can be printed off for handy reference throughout the course.

Acrylic Sunsets for Beginners (Adult)

Instructor: Gene Kadlac

Dates: October 11th & 18th

Times: 2-4pm

Cost: $49 Non-Member/ $44 Member

These classes are all about sunsets you've seen, have a picture of, or colors in your head. Blending, texture, composition, contrast, are part of what you will learn. You bring the paint/brushes/ palette knife/and or rubber gloves for painting with your hands, and I'll bring the 11x14 canvas board (if you prefer a different size canvas you can provide your own).

Palette Up! Sunflower Acrylic Painting (Adult)

Instructor: Lisa Vitkus/Art Innovators

Date: November 1st

Time: 2-4pm

Cost: $32 Non-Member/ $29 Member

Socialize, relax, and recharge with an Art Soiree. No art experience necessary to have fun and enjoy. Grab a friend and join us for an evening of unrestrained imagination with step-by-step instruction. You will complete a painting of Sunflowers with acrylic paints on stretched canvas. Everyone will take home an original art piece they will want to hang on their walls.

Charcoal Drawing Series (Adult)

Instructor: Lisa Vitkus/Art Innovators

Dates: October 29th-November 12th

Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm

Cost: $71 Non-Member/ $64 Member

Unleash your inner artist while creating charcoal fine art drawings in a relaxed, fun environment. Learn a different charcoal technique each week with provided professional-grade supplies. Explore the world of charcoal with step-by-step instruction and leave with a collection of beautiful art. No art experience necessary. All supplies provided.

Silk Scarf Painting (Adult)

Instructor: Lisa Vitkus/Art Innovators

Date: November 3rd

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: $42 Non-member/ $38 Member

Learn the French Serti technique of silk painting while creating a beautiful scarf. No art experience necessary, create your own design as simple or complex as you would like. It's easy, it's clean, it's fun, and you get startlingly beautiful results. View project examples on our Pinterest page:

Floral Watercolor Techniques (Adult)

Instructor: Gene Kadlac

Dates: November 10th & 17th

Times: 7-9pm

Cost: $49 Non-member/ $44 Member

Learn basic watercolor techniques such as overlapping, blending, wet and dry techniques, correcting mistakes, etc. You bring your watercolor supplies, and I'll bring the flowers and 11x15" watercolor paper.

Secrets of Good Story Telling & The Value of Critique (Adult)

Instructor: Genny Kieley & Ross Tarantino

Time: 1-4pm

Date: November 7th

Cost: $45 Non-member/ $41 Member

Learn to use Basic Elements of Good Story Telling—Sense of Place, Well drawn characters, Setting and Story Problem. Also mapping out your book’s structure. Scene & Summary, Tension, Action and Emotion.

Starting Writing/ Creating Unforgettable Characters (Adult)

Instructors: Judy Granahan and Laura Vosika

Date: November 14th

Time: 1pm-4pm

Cost: $45 Non-member/ $41 Member

Judy will talk about how to get started with writing. Laura will talk about creating characters who come to life on the page. Included will be a course book on writing, writing time, and the opportunity to read to the class.

Writing From The Essence (Adult)

Instructor: Catherine Galascione

Date: November 21st

Time: 12pm-3pm

Cost: $44 Non-member/ $40 Member

Explore and express your essential being and voice with Poetry. Through writing exercises and sharing, we will tune into our authentic self and write from the Essence.

Adding Feeling and Personality to Your Cartoons (Adult)

Instructor: Gene Kadlac

Date: December 8th

Times: 7-9pm

Cost: $40 Non-member/ $36 Member

Cartoons are a great way to express feelings, be light hearted, or serious, funny, or thoughtful. Certain lines, compositions, shapes help describe visual emotional appeal. Basic cartoon drawing is a fun way to relax and enjoy life. Bring your own pencils, pens, markers, etc.

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